With 20 years multi-industry experience and operating independently since 2011, Turning Point Engineering is dedicated to providing high quality mechanical engineering services with a grounded philosophy and a lean operation.  Centrally located in California, Turning Point Engineers provide support remotely and on-site to client locations across the state.



  • Bachelor of Science, Mechanical Engineering from top-tier University of California School

Skills and Experience

  • 20+ Years Industry Experience in High Tech, Semiconductor, Product Development and Aerospace
  • Certified SolidWorks Professional (10 years, 7000+ hours)Familiar with most traditional materials and manufacturing methods as well as contemporary specialty/research materials and fabrication methods and 3D print.
    • Some experience with Creo, AutoCAD, and NX
  • Project Management using Agile, Jira, Smartsheet, MS Project, Trello


  • Video Conference (Zoom, Skype), Audio Conference Call*
  • Quick Replies by E-Mail, Text, Messenger App
  • Regular On-Site Visits – Every 2-3 Weeks*
  • Transparent document share using PDM, Dropbox, or trusted with network VPN


  • Professional with a good-natured sense of humor and (BONUS!) not a weirdo :)

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